zombie apocalypse

zombies are scary. period. imagine this. you spend 2 hours sweating on stage, singing and dancing your heart out to a sold out audience. then, you go to a midnight performance of “the cask of amontillado,” which let me tell you – poe is pretty freaky. after all this, you and your fellow cast mates decide to head to eat n park for a little something to gnosh on. while sitting at the table, OUT OF NOWHERE, you see two zombies approach from outside. NO SHIT. walking slow, arms out and everything. i thought we were all going to die. and yes, i screamed in a restaurant and ran and hid in the restroom. while i was in there, these two idiots come in and fall asleep in a booth. at least they are slow…

halloween zombies 2010

no one told me there was a zombie walk going on that night. and by the way, i was 30. yeah, you read that right.


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