anyone who has to paint their face has something to hide

i am scared to death of clowns. i mean, run away, hide my face, and shake in terror.

jan 3it’s not like i’ve never been one. clearly, as you can see i was one when i was about 4. i also chose to dress up as one when i was in 6th grade for a school concert. my mom even handmade my costumes and helped me put on the makeup. (isn’t that costume sweet? that was in 1984 in front of our house)

i think the movie “it” did me in. i love tim curry, but man did he freak me out!

i also wonder about people that paint/hide their face with a mask. is it just me, or do you wonder about people that go around with masks on? am i the only one with an overactive imagination that worries beneath the face paint there is a psycho killer just waiting to get out?

then again, maybe i should stop talking… (see right>)


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