31 still has “firsts”

i have had many jobs. i started working at 15 in the food court at the local college. i had NEVER been fired. in fact, every job i left said they would welcome me back with open arms, that is if i ever wanted to come back.

enter 31 years old. i had been a teacher for 9 years (at 3 different schools – i moved) with great reviews. i had presented at state conferences, attended many a professional development, was up to date on current practices and technology, and more importantly, i genuinely loved teaching. i had good relationships with my kids and parents, my co-teachers, and i thought, administration. i have glowing references from every administrator i have worked for and testimonials from several parents.

my contract wasn’t renewed.

i was devastated, but i asked for an explanation.

the answer: “it just isn’t a good fit.”

after 3 years?? you’d think this might have come up earlier, right?

moving on. i found a job at an online “college” as an admissions representative. i was pretty excited and i felt like it had potential. it turned out to be a sales job. when i couldn’t “convince” people to pay THOUSANDS of dollars based on one phone call, i was let go.

the reason? “you are too nice. you are a wonderful person and we just love you. we’ll give you an excellent recommendation.”

i don’t drink PBR. in fact i think this was my first can. but hey, when you’ve just been canned for the second time in one year, you gotta go cheap…

12-1-11 006


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