RCP – a term made up by my lovely half korean stepbrothers meaning “random chinese people.”


now. you may be thinking “‘why would anyone ever need this term???” and also “that is a bit racist.” well, my brothers claim since they are korean in america it isn’t racist. SMH

i first heard it when i arrived at my father’s house with my fiance (now husband) from my brother warning me “just FYI, there are some RCPs upstairs.”

my father and stepmother found out about a program at the local (small) college, inviting local families to become “host” families for foreign students. the idea was that when there were breaks in the school year these students would have a family to stay with. also, they would have someone in town to connect with, should they need anything.

my family takes this SUPER seriously. it started with one chinese girl coming to dinner. she enjoyed it so much she asked if others could come to dinner and visit. “of course!!” said my father… and it evolved to a weekly dinner with around 12 college students and my family. often the students bring things and teach my parents how to make something, and just as often it is my father and stepmother showing them how to cook something.

i have to say – I LOVE IT. it is without a doubt one of the best things that they have ever done.

our town is small, there isn’t a ton of diversity (which is part of the reason i left) and this program and the students have really been a blessing!

now, we can’t have a major life event without RCPs. they were there when my husband asked me to marry him, one brought her mother (who didn’t speak ANY english, pictured above) to my wedding, and she and a friend were here having dinner at my house when we announced our pregnancy.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way!


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